Why is Waxperts Wax the Best Professional Wax for Salons

Waxperts Wax is a multi award winning professional wax range. We are the future of waxes, using the latest technology, we have created the most flexible, elastic and effective wax you will ever need.

We are Ireland's No. 1 and best loved wax, stocked in thousands of salons throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Salons who use our professional wax love it, have been using our wax for years and have found the most success in their salons by being a part of the Waxperts Wax family. 

"For years we switched wax brands and struggled to find a product that all of our therapists were confident with and that the clients were also happy with. We are delighted to now agree that Waxperts is definitely the best range out there. The Waxperts training gave our waxing skills consistency, ensuring that all our treatments are carried out the 'Waxperts way'" 

- Nu Essence Beauty Salon

"Using Waxperts has definitely increased our revenue. The brand is so well known as a great wax, clients come to our salon just because we have it."

- Vanity Rooms

We are better than the rest because Waxperts Wax is a range made by a WAXER for WAXERS.

Our wax is perfect for even the most sensitive skin and strongest hair types, it has a low melting point and is renowned as the most comfortable wax available. 

Our recipes are 100% unique and no other wax is manufactured like ours. The Waxperts Wax hot / peelable waxes have a unique secret ingredient that helps maintain it's elasticity so that it won't crack or break. 

This makes waxing with Waxperts in your salon easier, and gives your clients a precise, thorough and pain-free wax.

We believe in thorough, pain free waxing. The days of simply ripping a clients hair out have gone.

  • Your salon and your clients deserve better.
  • This is a premium product giving premium results.
  • We're here to show you how to succeed with our product range and unique training.
  • And we believe every salon deserves a Waxpert. 

We have a variety of professional waxes to offer for salons to suit every clients needs. We have Original, First Mate, Rosie Pearl, Very Vegan and Bare Face.

To learn more about each of our waxes and why they are so great check out our Youtube for in depth videos about each of our professional wax ranges...

Get in touch today and become a Waxperts Salon!

UK: 0800 566 8800

EU: 01 2140077

  • Email us at: 


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