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Waxperts was established in 2008 when Ellen Kavanagh opened Waxperts salon in Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, Ireland.

Having worked and waxed with every other wax brand on the market Ellen knew she wanted something better for her clients, and went about
creating Waxperts wax.

Waxperts is different from any other wax as it has an unrivalled and
unique flexibility that is not found in any other hot wax brand. This
means it gives the client a more comfortable wax treatment and is easier
for the wax therapist to use, and get superior results with. 

Waxperts is a premium product range that gives premium results.

Waxperts 'Original' range was the first set of products created and
remain a firm favourite among professional waxers today. Both the hot
and strip wax are lavender based and are suitable for the most sensitive
skin types and suit all hair types. All Waxperts waxes have a low
melting and working point and leave the skin with little to no redness
post wax.

As Waxperts wax range has grown it still retains that famous
flexibility you can trust, which means your hot wax will never get
brittle or crack during a treatment. 

Because it is created and extensively tested by professional waxers,
you know that every innovation has come from problem solving that arises
in the treatment room.

Our cleanser doesn't sting and can be used throughout the treatment.
Our pre-wax oil ensure that the hot wax sticks only to the hair and
maintains the skin integrity through the hair removal. And our Waxperts
after wax oil ensures the client leaves silky smooth, hydrated and with
no annoying sticky patches left.

Our wax range continues to grow and while we focus on creating waxes
that solve a problem ( First Mate = Male/Strong hair, Rosie Pearl =
Experienced waxers, Bare Face = Facial hair, Very Vegan = Vegan wax) we
also like to have some fun with our limited edition waxes like our
festive White Christmas etc.

Waxperts wax range has been available to professional waxers, salons
and spas throughout the UK and Ireland since 2012. And has won countless
awards in the professional and mainstream beauty press and awarding

We believe Waxperts can put the treat back into the waxing treatment. All our products are 100% unique to Waxperts and although often imitated, are never duplicated. 

Waxperts values, the rules and pillars by which our company exist, are; Innovation, Integrity, Passion and to Inspire.

Our vision is to be the no.1 waxing brand for the professional waxer.

We are excited and delighted to welcome you to the Waxperts family!  

Team Waxperts x

We believe in thorough, pain-free waxing. The days of other waxes simply ripping a clients hair out have gone.

Our recipes are 100% unique and no other wax is manufactured like ours.

Waxperts Wax is a range made by a Waxer for Waxers.

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