The First Mate Essentials Bundle

The First Mate Essentials Bundle

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Save 10% by getting all of your waxing favourites in one brilliant bundle!

The First Mate Essentials Bundle includes:

  • 3 800ml x First Mate Strip Wax
  • 3 1kg x First Mate Hot Wax
  • 1 500ml x Cleanser 
  • 1 500ml x Pre Wax Oil 
  • 1 500ml x After Wax Oil

About First Mate Strip Wax: 

  • Perfect for back, chest and leg waxing
  • Super for shavers
  • Applies very thin
  • Super strong grip for tough hair
  • Low temperature
  • Zero redness
  • 12-14 legs waxes per 800ml

About First Mate Hot Wax

  • Perfect for facial, back, chest and intimate waxing
  • Applies thin, remains strong
  • Ultra flexible
  • For thick, coarse hair (male or female)
  • 16/18 back/chest waxes per kg (when used correctly as trained by Waxperts)

About Cleanser

  • Cleanser packed with essential oils, lavender, chamomile and comfrey.
  • Preps and conditions the skin before any wax treatment
  • Gentle enough to use on sensitive areas
  • 500ml

About Pre Wax Oil

  • Essential for pain free waxing
  • Preps skin for hot wax application and easy removal
  • Prevents skin lifting and bruising
  • 500ml

* Please note: Waxperts Pre-Wax Oil is a MUST when using Waxperts Hot Wax.

About After Wax Oil

  • A body oil to treat and soothe skin
  • Infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils
  • Easily absorbed and leaves skin with a silky, smooth finish
  • 500ml

*Please note: Not for use on face.


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