Using Waxperts has definitely increased our revenue. The brand is so well known as a great wax, clients will look it up and come to our salon just because we have it.

The main change in business (apart from more clients through the door) we have seen since using Waxperts is through our social media. Vanity Rooms’ Facebook and Twitter (@VanityRooms) have fantastic public communication with the brand, which in turn raises awareness of Vanity Rooms.

The Waxperts sales support is 100%. The team is always at the end of the phone. Could not fault it at all.

We completed Waxperts training, and will do more as they continue to offer it. You can always learn something new. The great thing is, Ellen and her girls are always waxing with the product too, so can offer first hand advice.

We wouldn’t change from using Waxperts Wax now. Apart from the product being the best there is out there, the support is fantastic, the media coverage is amazing and it’s great to support an Irish business that is constantly evolving.

Jennifer Swaine,
Vanity Rooms

Why we made the switch to Waxperts Wax? For years we switched and changed wax brands and struggled to find a product that all our therapists were confident with and that the clients were also happy with. Ellen sent us a complimentary sample of Waxperts Wax during the early stages of the launch and we were hooked from the word go.

Has it increased revenue? Yes, in 2 ways. Firstly, the clients were so impressed when leaving that they automatically rebooked for 4-6 weeks time and secondly, because we are using such a reputable brand with consistent results, we don’t feel the need to lower our prices just to capture new clients. We stand over our costs and let word of mouth and reputation market our service. The training and sales support from Waxperts has been second to none.

All of our staff are qualified in specialized waxing but the training Waxperts provide is essential. It ensures all our treatments are carried out the ‘Waxperts’ way by using the product correctly and using the techniques they have given us. A huge plus for us is, Ellen and Trish are so knowledgeable in what they do, with the products they create and with anything to do with waxing, and they always have time to talk us through anything waxing or beauty related.

Margaret Kelly,
Nu Essence

I started Bliss after completing my CIDESCO beauty exams, confident in all of my treatments, apart from bikini waxing but never found quite the right brand and training combination with a great product, confidence and support. Then I discovered Waxperts Wax.

I attended a full day training in Dublin, for me this was just as important as the fabulous purple wax, with small classes where you really get to work, learn positioning, technique and insider tricks of the trade. Every client who has experienced Waxperts Wax has returned for more, every single one.

My bikini waxing appointments have gone up by 60% with my service charge also increasing by 50%. It definitely is a premium product, which allows me to deliver premium treatments, so I feel I can now charge a premium price. My clients still remain happy because they also love the wax.

Waxperts is a premium brand with adorable branding and lots of online and magazine marketing to really spread the word. I was very proud to be the first salon in Co. Down to become a Waxperts Wax stockist, so much so that I have since recommended it to fellow salon owners, who are loving it too and thriving.

Michelle Prentice,
Bliss Beauty Clinic:

When I trained as a Beauty Therapist many years ago, I always wanted to learn advanced waxing, so when I opened up my own business, it was top of my list of things to do.

I had decided, if I was going to do it, I would do it right. Having done my research, I found Waxperts Wax and I knew from reading their website that Waxperts was for me.

I immediately booked myself onto the Waxperts Pro Course, and travelled from Killarney with my client, to learn how to wax the Waxperts way.

I walked out of the training that evening uber confident and safe in the knowledge that my clients would receive the best treatments with most flexible, effective & gentlest wax ever.

I was so impressed with my trainers’ professional & personable approach to waxing; she made me feel so relaxed & confident. I’m constantly amazed at my client’s results.

People are travelling to my salon because I’m a Waxpert! If was to give you one piece of advice, it would be book yourself in to a Waxperts Wax course Don’t hesitate book today… 'Trust me I’m a Waxpert.'

Ann Elizabeth Rohan,
Killarney, Co.Kerry

I booked in recently for the Waxperts 101 training day. I wanted to build up my confidence, speed and learn some tips and tricks along the way. My training experience with Waxperts was second to none, I gained more confidence and guidance than I thought was at all possible.

Their small class sizes are fantastic! My Waxperts Educator was on hand at all times to point out any ways to make waxing easier for me, the therapist and more comfortable for my client.

Waxperts are definitely the waxing experts and have a lot to teach. My training is still on going with them, since my initial training, I have had follow up emails with my Educator regarding my progress and I'm now booked onto the Below The Belt course to learn even more.

Sinead McCartney,
Dundalk, Co.Louth